Gretchen Kern


 This page contains a collection of links to web-based resources that might be of interest to other Celticists. They are in no particular order and the flag choice is sometimes not wholly accurate.

eDIL (Old, Middle, Classical Irish)
Irish Dictionary Online
Father Dinneen's dictionary
Dwelly's Classic Scottish Gaelic Dictionary
Lexicelt (Welsh<>Irish dictionary)
Old Irish>English Word List
BBC Wales' dictionary
Yr Odliadur: Welsh Rhyming Dictionary
GPC Dictionary of the Welsh Language
Pokorny online

Discover Irish (Recordings and comparative grammatical features of various Irish dialects.)
Yale Endangered Languages database (Recordings for many languages)
Breton fieldwork recordings
Doegen Records Web Project
National Folklore Collection, UCD
Irish Pronunciation Database (Recordings of words in the three major dialect groups)

Written corpora
Early Irish Glossaries Database
Acmhainní Gaedhilge (A lot of resources for (Ulster) Irish and Scottish Gaelic.)
Celtic Inscribed Stones Project
TITUS Ogamica
CELT - Corpus of Electronic Texts
Thesaurus Linguae Hibernicae
Draenog: Resources for Welsh linguistics
The Milan Glosses Project
Lepontic Lexicon
Welsh Prose 1350-1425
13th Century Welsh Prose Manuscripts
Poems of Dafydd Ap Gwilym
Celtic Personal Names of Britain
ARBRES: Breton syntax
Celtic digital archive

Learning materials
Old Irish Online: Series Introduction
Old Irish Verbal Inflection
TITUS (lots and lots of materials)
Towards a Grammar of Middle Cornish
The Old Irish Verbal System (My favorite description)
Reading Middle Welsh