Gretchen Kern


2015. Rhyming grammars and Celtic phonology [dspace]
     My dissertation, on rhyme and alliteration in medieval Irish, Welsh, and Norse poetry.

2014. Poetic Inversions in Longfellow's Evangeline [pdf]
     An analysis based in Richards' Uttering Theory (now Contiguity Theory) of syntactic inversions in poetry.

2013. Old Irish Pronouns, Agreement and Disagreement [pdf]
     Handout from the Harvard Celtic Colloquium.

2012. Aspects of Old and Middle Irish Rhyme [pdf]
     Handout from the Harvard Celtic Colloquium. A more complete version is a chapter in my dissertation.

2011. In-cliticization? [pdf]
     Subtitle: "Apparent word-internal clitic placement in Pashto and Old Irish." An unpolished paper with kind of cool data.

2010. On Secondary Stress in Old Irish [pdf]
     My MA thesis from the University of Wisconsin.

2009. Ogam Inscriptions of Ireland [pdf]
     Subtitle: "A Relative Chronology Based on Linguistic Evidence." My MA thesis from Aberystwyth University. It is mostly unreadable without "Celtic Inscriptions of Britain" (Patrick Sims-Williams) as a companion, but the tables in the back might be of use to someone.